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Technical Training

Employees who undergo technical training, whether before or during a job, are typically more valuable to their company than employees who do not. The knowledge and skills they have will often lead to more innovation in the company and more opportunities for completing tasks or activities more efficiently.

Providing health & safety information and training helps you to:

No. Topic No. Topic
1. 7 Q.C. Tools 17. Advanced Kaizen
2. Advance Excel 18. Cost reduction
3. Internal Auditor Course 19. Program for Site Engineers
4. Cost Effective Maintenance 20. Project Management
5. Vibration Monitoring Analysis 21. Q.C. Problem solving Tools
6. Effective Stores, Inventory & Material Management 22. Six Sigma & Quality Control
7. Awareness Training on ISO (All) 23. Tools for improving Quality, Consistency, Reliability & Productivity (QCRP)
8. TPM & 5S 24. Total Productive Maintenance
9. Intelligent Troubleshooting 25. Total Quality Management
10. World Class Manufacturing Organizations (WMO) & their success 26. Storage & Fluid Transportation Safety
11. Lean Manufacturing - Best Practices in the World 27. Sustainability for Small & medium scale Industries
12. 5 S at the Work Place 28. Stakeholder Assessment
13. Improving Machine Reliability through Asset Care 29. Centrifugal Pumps- Types, Components, Performance, Troubleshooting’
14. Quality Control 30. NABL Accreditation & BIS Certification
15. Industrial Cooling Water Systems: Problems & Solutions 31. Steam – An Energy Source for Chemical Industries
16. Digital Manufacturing