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BDMA time-to-time offers various developmental courses to upgrade individual skills & expertise in respective fields.

Right now, BDMA is delighted to share with you an important piece of information about one such career development plan which will help you scale up the ladder of professional growth while happily continuing with your work and present employer.

SRICT is now the coordination center (No. 357) of Aour apex body 'All India Management Association (AIMA)' and is offering you a career development opportunity in management through the best management programs of AIMA. They are Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM). The PGDM and PGCM courses are offered in the following specializations

For more information, Please refer to the attached brochures (click on course name to view brochure) or call Mr. Yogesh Shinde

Kindly circulate the information further to colleagues, employees, friends and professionals in your contact to help them take advantage of a wonderful opportunity.