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President's Message

President's Message

I feel immense pleasure and privileged to become President of the most Prestigious organization, Bharuch District Management Association.

It is with great pleasure and humility that I want to thank the all members of BDMA for electing me to serve as your 15 th President.

Dear Friends, 37 years of legacy !!! Bharuch District Management Association (BDMA) since its establishment in 1983 has pioneered efforts to help enhance managerial effectiveness and improve the standards of Business Management in our region. It is widely regarded as one of the best management associations for the training and development. All India Management Association (AIMA) has awarded BDMA as ‘Best Local Management Association’ in past.

I recognise a great contribution of all our past presidents who played a key role in shaping BDMA. All our past presidents have played significant role in laying the foundation of this organisation, I assure that we will continue this legacy with the same zeal and spirit.

Our team of 2020-22 will put its best efforts to take BDMA to new heights.

Friends, The Corona pendemic have shown us new ways of life both personal and professional and this is the time of real change in our perception. COVID-19 has posed an unprecedented challenge to humanity. It may take a while for us to reach the post COVID 19 phase but lively debates have already started on what mind-sets, skillsets, and toolsets will become the determinants of effective leadership in a post-pandemic world that is likely to be characterised by rapidity, unpredictability, paradoxes, and unprecedented complexity.

In our world of complex challenges and complicated solutions, we need collaboration more than ever. It is hard to think of things we can accomplish on our own. We want to keep things neat and tidy, harmonious, and efficient and that’s what we all together have to work for at BDMA…

We at BDMA are envisioned to create an opportunity for a tripartite collaboration of the young brains. Professors of the management institutes and industry leaders; to innovate and provide new ideas and solutions for live business problems and staying ahead of the competition.

We are aiming to make BDMA as the greatest Management Association by providing best services to all its members, organising Innovative and quality MDPs, Seminars and Conventions, building linkages and networks with the Industry.

Once again I would like to express sincere thanks for giving me an opportunity to serve the organisation.

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