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One Day Program On Frontline Leadership

- For Effective Productivity

Date :
12th December, 2018

Time :
09:30 AM – 05:30 PM

Facilitator :
Mr. Deepak Dhomse
Corporate Trainer

Content :
• Collaborative approach to effective productivity.
• Priority management and effective decision making.
• Commitment v/s Accountability
• Production v/s productivity.
• Effective utilization of three Ps and Rs (Production Process and People)
• Efficiency v/s Efficacy.
• Employee Ownership at work place
• What is ownership at workplace
• How do you motivate employees to take ownership?
• Ways to Encourage Employees to Take Ownership at work
• Why is ownership important in the workplace?
• What is ownership and accountability?
• What is taking ownership at work?
• What is an ownership mind-set?
• Why is accountability important in the workplace?
• Why is ownership important?
• How do you take ownership?
• The Power of Employee Ownership
• Focus is to address the organizational issues like – Quality improvement – Elimination / Control of Waste – Rejection – Rework, customer complaint, Cost etc.
• To understand self-role in department / team and with customer department.

Employee Engagement and its relevance in employee ownership :
• What is employee engagement? Why it is important?
• Employee Engagement and what is for me?
• You Need Employee Engagement
• Powerful Steps To Improve Employee Engagement
• What factors contribute to employee engagement?
• How do you engage employees?
• Why is customer engagement important?

Expected professional behaviour :
• Expected professional habit and current status.
• Self-awareness and understanding of expected behaviour.
• Self-discipline – Dress code – Code of conduct – self-respect and respect for others
• Self-renewal
• Summery for the day.

Punch lines :
• Gear up for effective productivity
• Productivity for profitability
• Entrepreneur approach to rich bottom line.
• Innovative ways to creative productivity.

Participation Fees :

BDMA Non Member Rs. 1900/- + 18% GST Extra
BDMA Member Rs. 1500/- + 18% GST Extra

Venue :
BDMA Office, 7-X, The Business Hub,
2nd Floor, Old N.H. 08, Bholav, Bharuch.

For Registration :
Contact : 02642-226619 / 7624004031
Mail at : /

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